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Pandora Disney Charms UK Sale

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Pandora Disney Charms UK Sale

Postby gbbAndy » Tue Dec 20, 2016 3:20 am


I’ve been wanting a reading hobby charm for a long time, so I was really happy to finally see this one. In the end, Pandora have opted for an engraved dangle, with highly polished and smooth surface; it is really shiny in personPandora Disney Charms UK Sale!

A few people were disappointed by the simplicity of the design; the I <3 Reading motif is maybe a bit simplistic, and doesn’t represent much of the creativity that goes into an actual book, but – at the end of the day – this is a fun little charm to go on a pretty charm bracelet, and it doesn’t necessarily need to incorporate anything more complicated, I guess. If you’re looking for a more detailed book charm, and one that isn’t a dangle, the Fairytale Book might be a good alternativePandora Football Helmet Charm Sale UK!

In relation to the previously mentioned card charms, one problem that occurs with them is that the opening often becomes loose over time and the charm starts to fall open unintentionally while you’re wearing it. I imagine the same will be true of this book charm, sooner or later. My Love Note charm (pictured below, complete with old school Mora Pandora logo and photography..!) was actually pretty sturdy and held out for a couple of years, but the fastening has given a little bit and it now swings open pretty easilyPandora Charm Set Sale UK.
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